Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Relevent Details You May Need To book A Food Truck

our trucks require a dry, level surface to operate, preferably on solid ground. Keep in mind that we need overhead clearance as well ( Approx. 13 feet) . Having a space sectioned off where you want the truck(s) BEFORE we arrive will ensure an easy set-up process. We’ll work with you to understand any location restrictions or requirements for a successful setup.

Our food trucks have a minimum charge of $850 per truck plus tax and gratuity for SAVOURY and $650 per truck for SWEET corporate events.

For a general booking of a contracted food truck that is open to the general public for a “pay what you order” event, there may be a top-up fee to bring the total up to our minimum if the $850.00 is not reached.

Wedding prices vary from truck to truck, depending on your menu selection. Contact the trucks directly to find out this cost.

There may also be a travel fee if you are outside the London area.

There is generally no deposit required to book a Food Truck

Booking any truck within our LFTA group will depend on each trucks availability. Our Admin. will follow up with you on which trucks have your event date free after you fill out the booking form.

Each truck has a base amount and will book with clients based on attendance numbers and service time frame. This may alter how many food trucks you might be able to book at your event. Most trucks can serve 40-60 guest per hour.

We ask that you utilize LFTA trucks only for your events. If you have booked other food trucks or have other food/beverage offerings at your event, please let us know. This may effect how many trucks you can book at your event.

All our trucks are fully licensed, Inspected, and Insured to operate within the city of London and some trucks for St. Thomas. We all have powered generators to supply power for our food trucks, if land power is available you can discuss with our trucks if other arrangements are needed.

Please fill out our Book A Truck form on our web site.
You can Contact us through email

We look forward to helping you with a successful event.
Any other Questions you have can be directed to our Administrator.